Pickwick Transitional Housing

Pickwick Transitional Housing


It can be said that the conception and development of transitional and social housing is governed largely by stringent budget constraints. To develop a recognisable brand in terms of such facilities is born by the architecture conscious of the ability to configure a design cognisant of the re-use of which it is intended.

The construction is of traverse spheres of urbane and humane in its execution as the project brief necessitated a pragmatic programme. The construction of a hostel-like model with shared facilities built as an additional extension to an existing edifice completely redefined in use to residential informed the design brief.


Hierarchy of space uses:

  • Core functional _ Mirrored design of ground (existing building) and first floor (an additional floor), consisting of rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Front-of-house / back-of-house _ Security controlled property with digital access to front entrance and security-controlled back courtyard access for the occupants.
  • Human resource management _ Security Office, Occupants are employed for varying maintenance programmes aimed at the betterment and uplifting of this community;

Challenges experienced were those of security and control of the facility as the occupants have varying personal challenges, this design informant had to be constantly revisited and accommodated in the most humanistic method which is preventative of producing isolative living.

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