As such, designs typify, enhance and exemplify their mode of living/work. We go the extra mile in researching the historical background, where relevant, as well as environmental variables, to ensure contextual congruence. We “think green” and incorporate cutting edge methodology to optimize energy efficiencies. We are simultaneously artists and investment consultants and our interventions aim to realize quantifiable returns on our clients’ bottom line.

Advice to other women in the industry

Beware of self-imposed barriers. Whether you think you can or think you can’t – either way you’ll be proved right. It’s still a very male-dominated environment and you be able to hold your own, without sacrificing your femininity. It’s a diversified industry – definitely not about stilettos and studios – but the harsh realities of professionals on site who are going to respect you for what you know

It’s a diversified industry – definitely not about stilettos and studios…

Your mentor/role model ?

I’ve had the good fortune of building up a relationship with Alex Robertson, an architect of immense professional standing and wisdom, who taught me to aim high and instilled in me the one non-negotiable principle  have a design that stands up to scrutiny Never compromise – and everything else will follow

What philosophy of life carries you through the tough times?

Fundamentally a Christian faith, which permeates my mindset and which carries me through the good times and the testing From this, I have the belief that everything comes to pass as it should and that we have been

given a licence to explore and experimenting temporary dispensation, although not unbridled, but with the responsibility of adding value in accordance with the gifts we have received

Retirement plans and destination?

To design and oversee the establishment of youth education centres nationally, with the aim of equipping youngsters (especially the underprivileged ones) with all-important life skills. I don’t see myself ever really retiring, only changing gears and making time to take up a passion for painting

Favorite pastimes?

Travel, exploring  new destinations, hiking the berg, reading and painting

The Architecture always tel l s you what it wants to be with every site, just listen, as it will also rejects its site When the form is forced onto it.

Simply put, I am a ‘village girl’, with strong horticultural influences the latter of being; you ascertain the land, nurture it and it will provide abundantly

Now the traditionalist aspect has had to embrace the design thought process born in academia which is in­spired by modernism, whose design product speaks of minimalistic contemporary architecture

Matriculated in 2003 from Zingisa Comprehensive High School After which in pursuit of an Architectural profession, I commenced my studies in Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University from 2004-2009, officially obtaining

2010 BAS Arch (NMMUJ)

Whilst under the Tutelage of BNM Architects [PSJ, Mthatha, Bishop & East London) I continued my studies in University of Free State obtaining; 201 3 B. Arch (Hons)_(UFS) and 2014 M.Arch (Prof.) _ (UFS) and continued working and participated in PPE April 2016, thereby obtaining  my Professional Certification

April 201 7, I Joined Boudry Architects as a Shareholder and Partner, to continue on the pursuit to develop good architecture which is conscious of its occupants and site.

My training has mainly consisted of Healthcare Facility Planning & Design This has allowed me to work on number of successful healthcare facilities ranging from small to large

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