The Team

Henje Boudry

Managing Director
Architect (Prof.)

Sibusisiwe Xotongo

Architect (Prof.)

Alain Beukes

Candidate Architect

Tiaan Brooks

Architectural Draughtsman

Shameema Amardien

Office Manager


BOUDRY ARCHITECTS is an architectural firm located in Woodstock, Cape Town. As a company we have the willingness to capture the uniqueness inherent in each individual client’s brief and to address it in such a way that it becomes an extension of the client’s business (for commercial ventures) or character (for residential undertaking).

We go the extra mile in researching the historical background, where relevant, as well as environmental variables, to ensure contextual congruence. We “think green” and incorporate cutting edge methodology to optimize energy efficiencies. We are simultaneously artists and investment consultants and our interventions aim to realize quantifiable returns on our client’s bottom line.